202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT is Germany’s most progressive platform for the cross-disciplinary discourse and matchmaking between avant-garde creatives, pragmatic researchers and smart industry stakeholders. This event is redefining the meaning of sustainable fashion.

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Lavinia Muth



German Ecodesign Award

Since 2012, the German Ecodesign Award has celebrated and sponsored sustainable innovation projects from in a broad range of sectors, from students, designers, and companies. Through a multi-dimensional criteria matrix, applicants are encouraged to view the impact of their design across the product’s lifecycle. Magdalena Schaffrin is part of the German Ecodesign Award’s board.

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Small but Perfect

Small But Perfect is a subproject of Fashion Revolution, which accelerates small and medium-sized sustainable fashion enterprises. Through an open-call submission process, Small But Perfect selects SMEs to receive financial support, business development guidance, and visibility through showcase and promotion. By incubating circular and sustainable SME’s, not only do we enable new innovators to get their projects off the ground, but we also set an example for other SME’s to rethink their sustainable approach.

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German Fashion Footprint Report

The German Fashion Footprint Report was published in 2022 in collaboration with Fashion Council Germany, to take an in-depth analysis of Germany’s fashion economy and its environmental impact. This fashion footprint report is a critical step in communicating the concrete data required to create an actionable plan for Germany’s future. It measures the national impact of water usage, GHG emissions, air pollution, energy usage, and agriculture against that of its offshored production – which, in 2019, added to 95%. Documents such as this are crucial to the continued transparency in the German fashion industry, as well as to the interweaving of different sustainability metrics into a comprehensive view of the status quo.

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A Goal Getters Fashion Knowledge Trip

Hosted in November 2021, The Fashion Knowledge Trip was a physical and virtual journey for content creators to learn about sustainable fashion in the field. Our team paired influencers from Berlin, Germany and Dhaka, Bangladesh, forging international collaborations and connections. Over four days, the two groups of influencers experienced the Fashion Knowledge Trip in each other's countries via video calls and livestreams, creating a hybrid curriculum with on-site visits, seminars, and discussions. Our guiding vision was that the participants take with them a new depth of inspiration on sustainable fashion, which they can share with their communities and followers.

This trip was organized by studio MM04 on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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For the Neonyt installation, the themes of air, water, circularity and social were presented on live models in twelve multi-brand looks. The multi-media installation enhanced the visual component, by pairing it with audio and sound recordings of facts and questions about sustainable fashion, and setting the looks in front of large-format backgrounds.  The themes of water & air have already played a central role for Neonyt in recent seasons. In addition, circularity is one of the most pressing topics of the future of the industry. Social sustainability is also key, and special focus was put on the people who work in the value chains. The labels who participated in the exhibit are pioneers in the industry when it comes to integrating the themes of sustainability and innovation – an attitude that is reflected in their progressive collections.

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Britta Knossalla

Assistant to the Management

Lou Croff Blake

Cultural Innovation & Research



Studio MM04 is a creative strategy consultancy with an international network that supports companies and organisations in planning and shaping their future with a radical passion for fashionable aesthetics and profound sustainability expertise. Known as pioneers and experts in their field for more than 10 years, Magdalena Schaffrin and Max Gilgenmann and their team create new solutions for the fashion and textile industry. Through their accurate and personal work ethic, they create spaces for constructive exchange and practical cooperation between different stakeholders.

We use the language of fashion to communicate sustainability.
We empower changemakers in fashion.
Magdalena Schaffrin
We love clear communication…
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We believe in co-evolution and embracing ambivalence
Max Gilgenmann



  • Creative Direction

  • Campaign Development

  • Photo Production

  • Film Production

  • Sustainable Brand Curation

  • Fashion Direction

  • Styling



  • Content Direction

  • Trend Research

  • Agenda Setting

  • Curation

  • Speaker Identification and Arrangement

  • Conference Development

  • Thematic Communication Consulting



  • Definition of Sustainability

  • Sustainability Criteria and Checks

  • Anti-Greenwashing Checks/Analysis

  • Tailor-Made Sustainability Communication



  • Creative and Strategic Consultancy

  • Vision Development

  • Sustainability Strategy Development

  • Agenda Setting

  • Problem Solving

  • Sparring



  • Tailor-Made Network Building

  • Matchmaking

  • Community Building

  • Events

Carina Bischof

Acquisition and consulting



The Fashionsustain conference is an international format to discuss future-relevant topics in the fields of fashion, sustainability, and digitalisation.

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Friedrich, the Flâneur

In line with the slogan "Friedrich, the Flâneur" Berlins Friedrichstrasse transformed into a place of discovery for a more sustainable lifestyle in October 2019.

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How to go organic?

The Organic Cotton Guide is a guide for fashion companies that aim to integrate organic cotton into their product range.

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I:CO Campaign

studio MM04 cooperated with Joachim Baldauf to design and realize the campaign for the repositioning of textile recycler I: Collect (Soex Group).

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Sustainability criteria & checks/analysis

studio MM04 is responsible for the sustainability criteria and checks for various textile events of Messe Frankfurt and translates these complex contents into a clear, fashionable, and appealing communication.

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The sweet spot for fashion, sustainability, and innovation: At Neonyt the world meets to show trends and best practices and create the industry of tomorrow.

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Neonyt Fashion Show

The Editorial Fashion Show presents curated stylings composed of the Best of sustainable fashion brands.

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The unique format of Prepeek equips influential personalities with sustainable looks and knowledge of their impact. The community aims to make more sustainable lifestyles mainstream. A project in cooperation with Thekla Wilkening.

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Max Gilgenmann

Founder and CEO

Magdalena Schaffrin

Founder and CEO